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Born in June 2003, Billy is a black and rust male that has learned to help himself to any lap.  He has a wonderful intent gaze as he looks into your eyes and relishes your attention.  If you speak softly and pet him, he is so loving and thankful for your attention.  Billy is about 10 inches tall and 9 pounds with cropped ears and a docked tail, and he would love an active family.  He has learned to be more gentle when taking treats from you but hasn’t quite forgotten the starvation at some point in his life.  What, he is NOT the alpha of the pack?  He takes his protection responsibilities very seriously - no low flying birds, wall walking cats or lizards are welcome on his watch!  Billy gets along well with other dogs and tries to mediate when they have scuffles.  He would love to be the only dog in the home, but if there are others he is okay with that too.  He would like to be active - walks and car rides and lots of adventures will keep him social and well behaved.  He and his humans should learn basic obedience together so he understands what is expected of him.  Billy is crate trained, enjoys belly rubs, being with his humans and being loved.  Billy needs to learn what is expected of a well mannered little pack member and will thrive and do well once he and his human participate in training together.  Good things come in small packages and this is very true of Billy!
Billy is neutered, up to date on his shots, micro chipped, heartworm tested and on monthly heartworm preventative.  Billy knows basic commands (sometimes selectively), rides well, is kennel trained, gets along with most other dogs and humans and loves adventures.  Is your family ready to be loved by a pint sized love bug with lots of happiness and love to give?

If you would like "Billy" to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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