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Lucky here!  I am just a young 'un and am about two years old.  I am one of the AZH 16 and we were all quite scared but life is great now!  We were covered in ticks (those danged little blood suckers were making us sick) and had lost a lot of our fur and I had a huge open sore at the base of my tail and I had lost a lot of fur where my old injury was.  When our foster mom walked in to the Arizona Humane Society we were all very scared and backed up toward the back of our kennels.  I was sharing a kennel with Sienna - she is such a pretty girl.  Our foster mom picked me up and talked to me nicely and cleaned my ears (yikes that is NO fun) and removed all those little parasites.  I was afraid but I like her - she talks softly to me and I like her scratches!  She cleans my boo boo so softly and she says I am doing well and it will be gone soon!  She wiped me down with antibacterial wipes - but she returned me to the kennel!  She left that Saturday and took only Coffee and Lucy with her.  THAT wasn't supposed to happen but she whispered sweet somethings in my ear about coming back to get me.
She came back on Monday and loaded us all in kennels and off we went.  I am black and rust with natural upright ears and I have a longish tail.  Having people to snuggle while watching TV and someone to teach me stuff would be my perfect home, but give me time to get to trust you.  I really like sitting in the shade kind of close to our foster Mom and watching the other dogs go to her.  She scratches nice and some of them fall asleep on their backs in her lap…I like the scratches but my eyes sort of slam shut it feels so good!  I would like exploring stuff with my family!  Camping?  Walking.  Visiting people? 
I am neutered, up to date on my shots and micro chipped, kennel trained and I am working on my house manners.  I think about coming when I am called but I still need the leash so foster mom can catch me.  I need active humans - we can walk, or run, or hike but we need to stay active to run down some of my energy. But most of all I need an active family to spend time with, explore, walk and play with!  I ride well in the car, I am kennel trained, I get along well with other dogs. I am smart and learn quickly if you are patient with me and teach me stuff.

If you would like Lucky to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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