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As a ten year old dog, Misty found herself with eye infections, ear infections and lots of dental issues roaming the streets of Phoenix.  Picked up by the Humane Society, she would not allow a complete physical exam due to pain all over.  MinPinHaven got her a dental which took care of all those bad teeth and infection in her mouth and made a huge difference.  She went to see her vet again to take care of her ear infections and auto-immune issues and she has stabilized and is a happy little minpin with her foster family.  Misty will need to be on certain non mainstream protein foods (NOT chicken, beef or lamb) for the rest of her life, and she will need to see a vet on a regular basis to keep her ears and eyes uninfected.

Misty loves beds and chase toys down the hall when thrown by her foster parents.  She is getting better at allowing her ears and eyes to be cleaned but will probably be on different meds for the rest of her life to keep her pain free.  We do a lot with Vetericyn ear and eye rinses to help her with the comfort but utilizing as few pharmaceuticals as possible in that process.

Misty is particular about her humans but if she likes you she will arrive in your lap to say hello, how are you?  She is not a fan of personal space if she likes you!  She loves car rides, walks, and adventures with her humans and the naps that follow!

Misty was born around January 21, 2007 and has the occasional burst of a mild case of zoom doggy and then is happy to go from bed to bed taking short naps and making sure her humans are still nearby.  She is good around other dogs as long as they don’t sniff her too long and too aggressively.  She is kennel trained and unlike most minpins, food isn’t her passion!  Misty is happy and fairly healthy and looking for her forever home - is that you?

If you are interested in adopting Misty, please go to www.minpinhaven.com and complete the Adoption Application found under Online Forms.  We will be in touch!

If you would like Misty to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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