Tid Bit
Tid Bit
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I was born in February 2014 so I am a three year old minpin who had a really rough start in life. I think I am in charge so I will need to go to training with my new family. I would rather be loose but I am happy in my kennel and am learning new commands like sit up, down, come when called and sit. I am sadly also learning I am NOT in charge, but my foster mom IS in charge. She is the alpha, not me! I am learning manners and boundaries.
I was one of 16 dogs that were abandoned in a back yard - we lived together and while we were all quite afraid, most of us found homes and life is good now! I was the littlest and the youngest of the group. We were all at the Arizona Humane Society and one day this lady walked in and I gave her a piece of my mind when she walked towards me. Showed her what for and how come!!! Then when she came back the next day I did my happy dance and tried to escape the kennel I shared with Vivian and Lee to get to her. She took me into her arms and I just hugged her. Flattened my skinny little body on her chest and hugged her. She was so surprised. She picked all those ticks off me, cleaned my ears (yikes that is NO fun) and wiped me down with antibacterial wipes - but she returned me to the kennel! THAT wasn't supposed to happen but she whispered sweet somethings in my ear about coming back to get me.
I am black and rust with natural upright ears and I have a longish tail - but something happened to part of my tail so I have a longer one than the short nubbins but not as long as the other guys. I like this swimming thing with my foster mom so when she isn't in the pool I go into our water bowl and splash my belly. I love to lay quietly next to you and enjoy snuggling. I am okay with other dogs, big or small. Having people to snuggle while watching TV and someone to teach me stuff would be my perfect home! I like exploring stuff with my family! Camping? Walking. Visiting people?
I am neutered, up to date on my shots and micro chipped and am looking for my forever home. I am working on my house manners, and I am pretty good about coming when I am called. I need active humans - we can walk, or run, or hike but we need to stay active to run down some of my energy. But most of all I need an active family to spend time with, explore, walk and play with! I ride well in the car, I am kennel trained, I get along well with other dogs. I am smart and learn quickly if you are patient with me and teach me stuff.

If you would like Tid Bit to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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