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Bailee was an owner give up to rescue due to too many dogs in the home.  She is polite, house trained, a bit reserved at first and will alert to an intruder in her yard but otherwise is an eager to please energetic 18-month old stag red spayed female.  Bailee would like her family to take her for walks and car rides, and all sorts of other adventures.  She is kennel trained and sleeps well in her house but is ready to be with her family when morning comes.  She looks for beds around the house where her humans spend time so she can comfortably be around her humans.

Born on December 26, 2016, Bailee is still in the lots of energy stage of life!  Since she is quite energetic she would LOVE to learn to hike with her humans and dispense of some of that energy and learn to appreciate naps and lazy time! There are lots of new things for her so she is quite entertaining to live - different sounds, smells and training is so much fun cause she gets treats when she is a good girl.  We are working on no bark and she is doing pretty well!  She wants to make sure I mention she loves beds - inside, outside - lots of different soft beds is one of her requests for her new home.  She likes to snuggle beside me but is also happy laying on the couch outdoors across from me because then she can see if I even think of moving!  Playful but not insanely energetic, happy when it’s feeding time, and quietly loves car rides and adventures.  She walks pretty well on a leash but still isn’t sure of which side she should stay on but is working on it.  She is enjoying being out and about to be more social, is good with other dogs (as long as they don’t charge at her) and is friendly.  It takes a little time to get to know this lady.  This beautiful stag red lady is tall but quite petite and very loving.  Bailee has one ear that stands straight up and one ear that folds over giving her quite a beautiful persona!  I have been massaging her floppy ear to help it stand - physical therapy for her lazy ear!  Bailee is a happy and healthy girl who is looking for her forever family?  Is that you?

If you are interested in adopting Bailee, please go to and complete the Adoption Application found under Online Forms.  We will be in touch!

If you would like Bailee to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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