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SHERA here!  I love to love on my humans - and I would LOVE a stay at home Mom or Dad because then I could love on them all day!  I’m a bit of a hooman in a furry body.  I use my front paws as hands - - yet, I love you please look at me - - over here!  I am young enough to have LOTS of energy, and old enough to not be in that youngster drive people nuts stage (sort of like Will)!  I stand on my back feet and fold my paws together and pray…and then I bat at you to get your attention!  Maybe I’m an Italian girl cause they say Italian girls speak with their hands - and so do I!
SHERA was born approximately June 30, 2013, and she loves beds and comfy spots!  She would like to become a true diva!!  I like blingy collars and tee shirts.  I love playing with other dogs or people - and sometimes I prefer to just sit and love on my hoomans!  I am spayed and up to date on my shots and I LOVE my Kangaroo and Bison food!  I just want to make sure you guys know I have energy - but NOT an insane amount of energy ALL the time!  Like most divas, I can have a bit of a stubborn streak that’s quite large.
I let myself into my kennel AND I love that I don’t have to share my kenned!  Breakfast and dinner are my most favorite times of the day!  Food!  Yummm! 
If you would like Shera to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application
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