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Hello, my name is Daisy (I’m the blonde cutie with the wild hair) and my best friend is Poncho MinPin (he’s the little black and grey guy)!  I got my former Mom to adopt Poncho for me and now we are bonded for life.

We have been through a car accident together and Poncho lost his leg but thankfully he is still here.  I don’t know what we would do without one another.  So we come as a package deal – we have to stay together!  The pictures above are when we stayed at MinPinHaven for a little while since our foster dad went out of town for awhile.  This is the Poncho I first met and fell in love with.

We are a mellow couple and have none of that wild and crazy energy but we do like to explore and we’re learning to play.  We loved visiting Auntie MinPinMom and roaming around the yard with the other dogs.  We get along pretty well with everyone we meet.  It takes us a little time to warm up, but then we are snuggle babies.

I was born in January of 2012 so I’m the younger woman at 7 years young and Poncho was born in January of 2005 so he is 14 years young.  We are spayed and neutered and pretty healthy!  We are not the wild children of our youth, but we will love you to pieces if you make us a part of your family. 
If you would like Daisy and Poncho to join your family, please fill out an Adoption Application