Frequently Asked Questions
Q: True or False?

1. Heartworm is a parasite that causes disease in dogs and cats.
2. Heartworm is carried by mosquitoes.
3. Heartworm disease is generally fatal if left untreated.
4. Heartworm is simple to test for, simple to prevent, and difficult and expensive to treat.
5. Heartworm is being diagnosed in increasing numbers in Arizona every year.
6. My dog (all dogs!) should be tested for heartworm and on preventative year round.

All of the statements above are TRUE.  Click here for more info

Q: What kinds of plants are potentially harmful to dogs?

A: There are many plants that are harmful to your pet. These can include many household plants that if swallowed may be harmful to your pet.
Please see the following websites for more information:

Q: What kinds of human foods are poisonous to pets?

A:  Human foods are NOT for pets! There are many human foods that can be harmful and even fatal to your pet. One should always avoid giving their animal human foods.

Please see the following websites for more information:

Q: Who should I call if my pet accidentally ingests a poisonous substance?

A: Call the poison control hotline designated for pets. The hotline is staffed 24 hours by veterinarians, 888-426-4435. There is a $55.00 fee per incident, but it is worth it!

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