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June, 2009 Link to slide show about Alissa Austin and Gracie the minpin she rescued from MinPinHaven Rescue out of the Woodley hoarding case from Sanford, SC.
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12-07-2008 Students at Sonoran Trails Middle School Invite MinPinHaven Rescue to Their Classroom to Talk About Animal Rescue.
05-06-2006 Dogs Rescued in Landmark Legal Case Make "Incredible Journey" to Phoenix
05-02-2006 Sign the Animal Bill of Rights Petition to the United States Congress
MinPinHaven Fosters 13 Min Pins Rescued from Puppy Mills

On Saturday, May 10, 2008, MinPinHaven participated in a multi-group rescue effort that saved 120 dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest. Mill Dog Rescue Network choose Phoenix as the first stop on its educational campaign to inform the public about the evils of puppy mills and to find homes for dogs pulled from mills in Kansas and Missouri.

Once the MinPins moved through the intake process on May 10, they were placed with MinPinHaven foster families around the Valley. Because of the horrors they’ve experienced, rescued mill dogs arrive in their foster homes in a very fragile and unpredictable state. Luckily, our pack of MinPins seems pretty resilient, feisty and inquisitive, so their futures look very bright! When the dogs are physically and socially ready, we’ll post them in the Available Dogs section with a note to indicate that they were part of the Mill Dog Rescue group. Check there often, since the MinPins all will be ready for adoption at different times!
Actually, it was 13 + 1…

The most heart-breaking truth for every dog rescue organization is that we can’t save every dog. Mill Dog Rescue brought 14 MinPins back from the puppy mills, but sadly, one of them crossed the Rainbow Bridge before she got a chance to live a life with good food, proper medical care, and a forever family. Luckily, this little soul survived the journey to Phoenix, and her last breath was taken with dignity in the arms of a loving human. MinPinHaven didn’t get the chance to find a forever family for her, but Pax is a member of our pack just the same. Click here for Pax’s Story.
About Dog Mill Network Rescue

MDRN works with contacts in both Missouri and Kansas that have developed relationships with several mills across those states. They have worked with certain breeders to help them understand that they can find permanent homes for their retired breeding stock, instead of killing the dogs or allowing them languish in the mill, furthering their suffering. These dogs are given to the rescue contacts and in turn, given to MDRN. There is no money exchanged for these dogs. This is absolutely the only chance that these dogs will ever have to know what life should have always been for them.

Strader explains that while finding homes for the dogs recently rescued is critical, it is public education that will stop the puppy mills from continuing to operate. “Equally as alarming as the rescue itself, I have learned how totally unaware the general public is about puppy mills and the bare minimum laws and standards that apply to them. Time and time again as I’ve shared this experience with others, they are left completely speechless, unable to comprehend that this is going on all over our country. What I’ve also come to realize though, is that once a person is informed, their hearts open up and they want to know what they can do to help make a difference.”

Mill Dog Rescue Network (MDRN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Colorado. MDRN strives to put an end to the cruelty and evil of the commercial breeding industry, more commonly known as puppy mills. The organization was founded in February 2007 when Director Theresa Strader rescued Lily, an Italian Greyhound, from Reedgate Kennels in Missouri. As the inspiration for MDRN, Lily is responsible for saving more than 480 dogs to date.

Final Note: Sadly, Lily crosses the Rainbow Bridge on May 13, 2008. Mill Dog Rescue vows to continue the fight in her name to bring about permanent change in the puppy mill "industry". Click here to read Lily’s tribute.