Frequently Asked Questions
Why can’t I adopt a dog from MinPinHaven Rescue if I have not spayed or neutered the other dogs that live in my home?

MinPinHaven does not adopt to homes that are breeding or have unaltered animals unless a vet states that the animal(s) should not be altered for medical reasons.

This is a position that we do not take lightly. Here are just a couple of the most important reasons for this adoption requirement:

Spaying/neutering an animal decreases the need to escape and roam the streets in search of a male/female for breeding. It’s not about training; the drive to roam is an instinct.
Un-spayed and un-neutered animals tend to be more aggressive and territorial. This leads to an urge to mark their territory and to other behavioral issues related to the instinct to roam. We have taken in countless Min Pins because their owners claimed they were “incorrigible” when in fact they simply needed to be altered along with some firmer training.

The American Humane Society recently released findings of a study that if dogs are not spayed/neutered by the time they are a year old, it increases the CERTAINTY of reproductive system cancer by 80 percent. Click here for more information about spaying and neutering from the Humane Society of the United States

The fact is that "full-blooded" Min Pins (and ALL other breeds) are given up by their owners every day. They find themselves at Maricopa County or the Humane Society, at risk of being euthanized if they’re not adopted out or rescued. Most of the animals we get are from the county; we’ve taken them as young as six months old. On the other side of the spectrum, we get numerous calls about adult and senior Min Pins dumped in the desert or abandoned because they’re sick, injured, or for no reason at all. Sadly, having "papers" does nothing to help these poor souls.

The hope of any rescue group is that one day we’ll make ourselves obsolete. We all love our animals, but the last thing we need to do is make more of them; there are plenty of any breed, gender, size, color and age waiting for loving homes in rescue. The only way we can deliver this message is through repeated and steadfast education about spaying and neutering.

Thank you,
MinPinHaven Rescue